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I’m now a Non-Smoker

I stopped smoking with help from Teresa and acupuncture.  She told me it will not work until I was 100% ready to quit.  When I was ready, we did a few treatments and  a “tune-up” appointment and I am now a non smoker!  She says acupuncture isn’t magic, but I think it is! I smoked for 30 years!


Knowledgeable in her expertise

I have been seeing Teresa for acupuncture for a few weeks now and I have noticed improvement in the way I feel, both mentally and physically … particularly with chronic issues with my neck and shoulder pain/arthritis.  She is a wonderful person to talk to and she is very knowledgeable in her expertise.


Supportive Through My Grief

I met Teresa through my mother who was getting acupuncture from her.  I have tried acupuncture in the past so I wasn’t nervous about the needles.  I was dealing with a lot of issues with grief due to a loss of a loved one, and needed to find a way to manage all of the emotions that go along with

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Kind And Gentle Nature

For decades I’ve been going to acupuncturists, a different one, according to where I lived at the time.  What they all had in common is that they used the “Chinese” method of acupuncture treatment. Then I found Teresa and her “Japanese” method of acupuncture (a more gentler/kinder use of the needles) and I’m so pleased with her treatment.  One would

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