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Supportive Through My Grief

I met Teresa through my mother who was getting acupuncture from her.  I have tried acupuncture in the past so I wasn’t nervous about the needles.  I was dealing with a lot of issues with grief due to a loss of a loved one, and needed to find a way to manage all of the emotions that go along with grief.  I figured I’d try acupuncture for it and it was a pleasant surprise.  I found that needles in the right spots by Teresa actually improved and lifted my mood after treatment!  Depression is something very common in today’s society and it’s amazing that acupuncture can help on an emotional level.   People are fast to take medications and pills for everything … however, acupuncture is natural, effective and safe!  I highly recommend Teresa.  She is warm, kind, and a really good human being.  She  really takes her time to listen to me and I feel supported by this.  I hope that anyone who reads this will consider treatment from Teresa.


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